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Migrating from freephoneline to Hi-Phone


Migrating from freephoneline to Hi-Phone

I recently migrated my home phone number from freephoneline to my own Hi-Phone platform. Just want to go throught why I did that, the whole process and the outcome.


I own a freephoneline VOIP phone number since 2016. In my cell phone I use Bria as the VOIP client to use my phone.

I received an email from freephoneline telling me that no more support provided. That's fine as I never need their support.

freephoneline email

But then I realized that Bria cannot register my freephoneline VOIP account, getting 503 unknown error.

freephoneline 503 error

Porting to Twilio

The result

Enjoy all the premium features offered by Hi-Phone platform.

Thanks for reading!

Thank you for submitting your porting request for your Canadian number(s).


Your request is now in progress and we’ll contact you if we need additional information.

Please note that, although the typical porting timeline is 4 - 6+ weeks depending on the losing service provider, currently some providers are experiencing higher request volumes or additional restrictions, which may require additional processing time for your porting request. To expedite your request, please reach out to your losing carrier to confirm you are porting your number to Twilio.

Here’s some additional information to keep in mind:
We charge a one time porting fee of $7.00 USD per number.
Your number(s) will not appear in your account until we receive a porting date from our upstream carrier partner for your numbers. This is to prevent charging you for the time that the number(s) are not active in your account.
Note: We typically see that porting dates come in with a 24-hour notice before the number goes live. If you are concerned about the short turn-around, please provide us with your numbers’ URL configurations and we will configure the numbers on your behalf as soon as we add them to your account.

Your number(s) must remain in service throughout the duration of the porting process. Once your porting date has passed, you can contact your losing service provider to ensure that the number is removed from your account.
Please note that SMS can take an extra 2 - 3 business days after porting to activate because all carriers must update their routing records. Don't be alarmed. SMS will be supported on all ported numbers, but the SMS activation process takes a few days longer than activation for voice services.

Important to keep in mind that for wireless numbers you will need to approve the port within a 90-minute timeframe from receiving the port approval SMS text from the losing provider. Unless you respond to the text message within the given timeframe, the port will get rejected and cancelled out immediately. After that we will then have to wait for 24-48 hours to resubmit a new request

We’ll provide all updates and notifications about your request through this email thread.