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Jacky Wu

Founder of Heidi Technology
Heidi Technology

I am an IT professional with close to 25 years experience, almong which half in China and half in Canada. Along my career I had worked for very different sizes of companies, range from the largest tech compines such as Microsoft to a small start-up with couple employees.

My career can be divided by two sections, prior to 2016 was in traditional IT. During that period, I did mostly on IT support and IT management and play many different roles. I started as TAM in Microsoft. Then I spent 13 years in CA. The majority of my career was developed in CA, all the way from technical consolutant to Level 2 support director. After spent a fraction time in Nokia as program manager, I spent about 4 years in DF Nissan as Sr. Director of IT before we moved back to Vancouver in 2016.

After I moved back to Vancouver in 2016, my focus switch to Cloud and web development and created a startup (FreeRamble) with my friend. I am responsible for all technical related matters, including development and operations. As a small start-up, AWS became our natural choice when it comes to selecting cloud platform. In 2020, I created AllConnect VPN on top of AWS platform.

And the fun part was I started coding, again! I did have couple years coding experience with C/C++ back in my days in university and in CA maintaining legacy C/C++ code base of ARCserve. But in Cloud era, everything must run in JavaScript.

After all these years, I must say coding is fun and full of challenages. Creating a whole new platform and whole new App from scratch has a huge return of sense of achivements. You essentially are a creator/builder, while other type of IT jobs are not.

Life is all about balance and diversified. At work, I am writing code. After work, I am a chef, photographer, runner and skier. I run marathon and I was Boston Qualified in 2019. My next goal is to stand behind the start line of UTMB.

Year 2020 was a sad year. Because of the global pandamic, all of the major marathon races (including the Boston Marathon) were cancelled. And my wife passed away after suffering couple months of depressions. I was heartbreaking and spent couple days and nights to built a website for my wife. But it is still hard to believe my beloved wife has gone.

So life has changed dramatically, I need to learn how to live with my two boys without my wife. I don't know what's my future. But I know it is in God's hand.