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Why we created AllConnect VPN?


Meet AllConnect, the VPN that works in the most strick Internet censorship

We are a group of people battling with China's GFW since the day one China launched GFW. We started with simple PPTP, L2TP and old good SSH tunneling, then SoftEther VPN and SSR. While GFW is becoming more sophiticated, many protocols, including the SSR, will be detected and blocked or slowed down by GFW in just minutes.

To see the outside world in the most strick Internet censorhip, we created AllConnect, the VPN service the empowered by the latest Cloud and enterprise VPN technologies.

Today we’re introducing AllConnect, a VPN service designed for ease of use and security. AllConnect could automatically deploy an on-demand VPN server in the cloud that is not shared with other users, relies on only modern protocols and ciphers, and includes only the minimal software you need.

For anyone who is privacy conscious, and want to be able to get connected to the world even under the most strick Internet censorship, or can’t afford a dedicated IT department, this one’s for you.

Cloud VPN platform, designed to be disposable

Unlike many other VPN vendors that manage their own data center and servers, all AllConnect servers are hosted in the most trusted public Cloud providers, currently only supports Amazon, and will be expanded to support Google and Microsoft Cloud in the future.

That allows AllConnect to fully leverage the resources provided by Cloud, all of our servers are disposable. If one server is blocked, it can change its IP just in seconds.

AllConnect customers also have the flexibility that only launch VPN server when they need it and shutdown the server when finish using it.

Trusted Enterprise VPN Client

And unlike many other VPN vendors, AllConnect customers no need to trust and install vendor purposed-built VPN client on their devices to use our VPN service. Instead we only use trusted Enterprise VPN client: Cisco AnyConnect.

Cisco is the top security and network device vendor that provides service for the large enterprise world wide. Every day Cisco's AnyConnect is used by millions of employees from these companies and it is considered as an industry ad-hoc standard. AnyConnect is a much more robust and proven solution comparing with vendor's purposed-built software.

Certificate Authentication

Unlike many other VPN vendors only support username/password authentication, AllConnect VPN also supports secure authentication using certificate-based methods in addition to older and less-secure password-based authentication method (which should be avoided).

Operate in Global Scale

By leveraging Cloud platform, AllConnect can operate in global scale in 13 regions. Our system automatically selects the closest endpoint for you when you register AllConnect account. All AllConnect users can access all global VPN servers no matter where you are located.

Get your FREE AllConnect Now

AllConnect VPN went live on early 2020. AllConnect is still envoling and keep improving. We’ll make sure it’s right. You can just use it. :)

Try AllConnect today.